Small things that make a big difference in business

What one small thing can I do in My Business today that costs me close to nothing but gives my customers a delight – a warm feeling? To answer this question, let us look at the following small steps that can have a huge impact:
 • Welcome: Always welcome customers with a broad smile whether you are in a good mood or not and whether they just came in for inquiries or for your services being it young or old, just be nice to everybody.

 • Smile: Have a positive attitude and smile every time you pick up the phone or when someone walks in the door.

 • Acknowledge: Spend a few time going around chatting with customers telling them how delighted you are to have them in your network and if possible organize one or two customer/network event inviting few customers for coffee.

 • Appreciate:  Customers; send a thank you note every time a new client signs on with you. Also thank any customer who refers another customer to your business. Employees; Always look out for the good things your employees do and praise them rather than the wrongs and criticize them, after all they are going to deal with your customers so be careful how you relate with your employees.

 • Feedback: Check in with your current clients and your referral sources and ask for feedback which is very important in running a successful business.

 • Do not over commit: Exceed expectations. You don’t have to give 150% service, even 101% can have an impact. Just make sure you under commit and over deliver, rather than over commit and under deliver and give a shock to the customer.

 • Listen: Listen to your customers query, complains, choices, demands, etc. the problem here is that , most businesses or firms make provision for only “literate” customers by providing a little complaint box at the office asking them to drop their complains in it. What about the “illiterates” who are also customers to the firm? Make provision for all.

 • Stop, Think and Act: Spend a little time everyday thinking about one small thing you can do for someone. Don’t ever act under pressure rather stop, then think and then act.

 • Make a difference: Call to check in with your current clients, past clients, prospects, referral sources and everyone in your network. Pick one or two people per day and call to see how they’re doing and if you can help them in anyway. Please leave your views and comments below. I appreciate them.

Africa Business Communities launches Platform for Business Bloggers

Africa Business Communities launches Platform for Business Bloggers
10-03-2015 14:18:00 Africa Business Communities is looking for bloggers in or operating in the continent of Africa who are writing about business. We are currently building a team of business bloggers in Africa. Are you a blogger in Africa with insight into the African business climate? Then we might be looking for you. Are you blogging on a professional level and are your posts worth reading by the business communities in Africa and all over the world? Then let us know! We do not offer you financial compensation for publishing your articles, but we can give you a huge stage for publishing your thoughts and views. Interested? Send an e-mail to Andrea Ayemoba at, Business Developer at Africa Business Communities. Please note that we need to be able to read an example of what you are publishing or want to publish. We look forward to working with you! source: