Top five questions about network marketing

Pyramid is illegal

1. Isn't this a pyramid?

Pyramids are illegal in all 50 states, and
the business I'm involved in is a legal
network marketing business. The primary
difference, according to the Attorney
General (this information is available on
most State Attorney General websites), is
if this were a pyramid, you would get
paid a fee to recruit people into your
business. In my business, I only get paid
if products are sold from the company to
someone within my network--either a
customer or associate. Also, in a pyramid
scheme, the only people who make
money are those who get in first, but in
my company everyone has an equal
opportunity to make money and become
the top income-earner in the company.
Can you see how this isn't an illegal

2. Do people really make money doing this?

Yes, but the only people who do are those
who treat this like a business and work at
it every day. Money is made when
products or services are sold within your
network, so if you want to earn a solid
income, you'll need to recruit a network
of people who are buying and selling
products or services. The company
provides excellent training and will be
there to help you succeed, but ultimately
the success or failure of your business is
up to you.

3. Does this require sales?

Do you enjoy sales? If not, that's great,
because you don't have to be a
salesperson in order to succeed. This is a
business of sharing information, and
there are great tools that'll help you
present the products/services and
business to your candidates. All you do
is work with those who are interested.
Now, if you like sales, that's also great;
people who are good at sales often do
very well in this business.

4. How much time does this require?

That'll depend upon your goals. If you
would like to make a few dollars a
month, you could probably invest five
hours a week or less. However, if you
want to develop a full-time income so
that you can fire your boss and enjoy
more freedom of time, then you'll need to
invest at least 15 hours a week. The
great part is that there are tools to help
you leverage that time.

5. Do I have to talk my friends and family into network marketing, too?

This can be a life-changing business.
Those who succeed enjoy complete time
and financial freedom, and you should
only offer this business to those who
want the benefits.

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