The Best Place Online To Make Money In Ghana

The Best Place Online To Make Money In Ghana

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How Does Nationton Republic Give You Money?

Nationton Republic is genuine online business designed by Nationton Information Technology to help individuals and companies to succeed in doing business online. Actually it is a social network service  plus eCommerce platform where people can socialize, buy & sell on the internet.

The best part is that Nationton Republic actually pays you 87% in commission anytime you refer someone to join it using your referral link.

If you refer a person and the person subscribes for personal account, you earn GHS13
If you refer a person and the person subscribes for business account, you earn GHS87.

Calculate Your Earning Potentials On Nationton Republic

 For Personal Account, Refer:
1 person, earn GHS13,
5 people, earn GHS65,
20 people, earn GHS260,
50 people, earn GHS650,
100 people, earn GHS1300,
400 people, earn GHS,5200

For Business Account, Refer:
1 person, earn GHS87,
5 people, earn GHS435,
20 people. earn GHS1,740,
50 people, earn GHS4,350,
100 people, earn GHS8,700,
400, people, earn GHS34,800

How Does Nationton Republic Works?

All you need to do is subscribe for account on Nationton Republic. Once you have subscribed, you will get your own referral link which you can share with other people. Anytime someone clicks on your referral link and registers, you get credited GHS13 or GHS87. Your referral link will look something like this . Apparently that is my referral link. Click on it to register. Registration fee is just GHS13, very cheap.

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It doesn't matter which account type you have. You can refer people for both personal and business accounts and earn the respective commission.

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¶ A report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the 2016 World Economic Outlook indicates Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capital for the year 2015 rose to $1,340.4 from $1,266.1 in 2008 representing an increase of 5.9% over the period. Our current per capita income is also higher than that of Cote d’Ivoire ($1,314.7), Senegal ($913.0) and Kenya ($1,338.5). Ghana achieved the Millennium Development Goal 1 target of reducing the proportion of poor people by half by 2015 in 2013- a clear two years ahead of the deadline," the report further stated.

US$Gh¢ Buy 3.8672 Sell 3.8710
GB£Gh¢ Buy 5.5889 Sell 5.5967
EU€Gh¢ Buy 4.3783 Sell 4.3813
Gh¢NG₦ Buy 51.38 Sell 51.43

¶ Figures released by Esoko Ghana showed that the market prices of some commodities have declined over the past month. The prices of cassava and tomato recorded the second highest drop in price for the second week in June. Three to four tubers of cassava are now selling at Gh¢7.80 compared to the Gh¢8.00 price for the same quantity last week. Tomato, whose price dropped for the second consecutive week in June recorded the highest drop in price. A medium size tin of the produce is now selling at Gh¢12.30 from the Gh¢12.90.
Prices of gari and groundnut also dropped 2% each to sell at Gh¢6.30 and Gh¢14.00 per medium size tin respectively. The price of local rice increased by 3% closing the week at Gh¢7.60 per medium size tin.

*¶ Inflation rate in Ghana - 18.7% (-2.60%)*

91 - Day Discount Rate 21.5651% Interest Rate 22.7939%
182 - Day Discount Rate 21.9594% Interest Rate 24.6678%

¶ International carriers may follow the example of United Airlines and Iberia and halt operations in Nigeria or cut flights as they struggle to move revenue out of the country because the oil-price slump has depleted the West African nation’s foreign exchange reserves. More airlines will probably cancel routes to Nigeria, due to an inability to repatriate profit, passengers are also reducing because the economy is going down. Nigeria is on the verge of a recession, oil production has fallen to about a 3-decade low, and the budget deficit has swelled to a record. The economy contracted for the first time since 2004 in the first quarter, and foreign-currency reserves have slipped to $26.4 billion, the lowest in more than a decade.

*Dow Jones Index🚂⛽ 17,985.19 / -19.86(-0.11%)
*Nasdaq Index📲💻 4,958.62 / -16.03(-0.32%)
*S&P 500 🏦 2,115.48 / -3.64(-0.17%)
*Japan NIKKEI 225 16,601.36 -66.78(-0.40%)
*Hong Kong HANG SENG 21,148.22 -148.61(-0.70%)
*Bloomsberg Europe 230.02 -0.91(-2.12%)
*London FTSE 100
6,231.89 -68.86(-1.10%)
*Germany DAX 10,088.87 -126.55(-1.25%)
* GSE - Ghana 1,760.32 +0.50(+0.03%)

¶ The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) spends about GH¢8 on every cubic metre (1000 litres) of the 200 million gallons of water it treats daily, but sells the same volume at GH¢4 to consumers, Head of Communications at GWCL, Mr Stanley Martey has disclosed. Mr Martey said the company produces water at a loss, with government and the company making up for the shortfall. He lamented the rising cost of water treatment in the country, a situation he blamed on pollution of rivers from alluvial mining.

*Oil ⛽$50.20 -0.71%
*Gas $2.58 -1.30%
*Gold 👑 $1,268.80 -0.31%
*Silver 💍$17.28 +0.04%
*Corn 🌽$4.26 -0.23%
*Cocoa 🍫 $3094.00 +0.06%
*Coffee ☕ $133.95 -4.08%

Get access to internationally recognized magazines like the Wall Street📱 Journal, The New York Times📔, The Economist📓, Bloomsberg📆, Forbes💴 and many others....

Contact Prince Henry via:
☎Mobile: +233(0)57-226-5677
👥Facebook: Prince Henry Danquah
💬Twitter: @princehenry_1



¶ Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM) and the Eris Property Group have allocated over $308 million for real estate investments in West Africa in the 1st Quarter of 2016. The companies will make their investments through the Momentum Africa Real Estate Fund, which is targeting an 18% minimum return over its eight year life. The Momentum Africa Real Estate Fund has confirmed that it will be making two investments in Ghana and two investments in Nigeria .

 US$Gh¢ Buy 3.8281    Sell 3.8319
GB£Gh¢  Buy  5.3969   Sell 5.4034
EU€Gh¢  Buy  4.3562    Sell 4.3597

¶ As part of efforts to strengthen surveillance to check the possible cross-border transmission of avian influenza from neighbouring countries into Ghana, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), has banned the importation of day old chicks, eggs and other poultry products.  

91 - Day   Discount Rate 21.4477%    Interest Rate  22.6628%
182 - Day   Discount Rate   21.9314%      Interest Rate  24.635%

¶ Ghana's crude exports witnessed a substantial decline for last year. The share of the total exports was 6.7 million barrels of crude which earned the state getting $37.4 million. This is slightly lower than the $691 million it got for 2014. According to the reconciliation report on the petroleum holing fund, the drop is attributed the recent sharp decline in prices of crude oil.

*Sahel-Sahara Bank - 33.70%
*UNIBANK - 33.00%
* Fidelity Bank - 30.50%
* Cal Bank - 28.50%
* Stanbic Bank - 28.50%

¶ The last 18 months have been damaging for Nigeria’s economy . Already battered by a drop in the price of oil—its main export and source of earnings—the country has also seen its currency, the naira, lose almost half of its value against the dollar. Nigeria’s foreign cash reserves sharply declined as the country—largely dependent on imports from refined petroleum to toothpicks—was spending quicker than it was earning.
US$NGN      199.05 -0.08%

*Dow Jones Index🚂⛽ 17,716.05 / +112.73(+0.64%) 
*Nasdaq Index📲💻 4,920.72 / +76.78(+1.59%) 
*S&P 500 🏦  2,066.66 / +21.49(+1.05%)
*Japan NIKKEI 225 15,749.84 +34.56(0.22%) 
*Hong Kong HANG SENG 20,272.98 +66.53(+0.33%) 
*London FTSE 100 
6,161.63 +71.21(+1.16%) 
*Germany DAX 9,624.51 +61.54(+0.64%)
* GSE - Ghana 1,907.44  -1.64(-0.09%)

¶ South Korea's Samsung Electronics is forecasting a 10% jump in operating profit for the first quarter. The world's largest smartphone producer has said its operating profit in the January to March period is expected to reach 6.6 trillion Korean won ($5.6bn; £3.9bn). The improved outlook comes amid reports of strong sales of its latest flagship smartphone models, the Galaxy S7. 
*Oil ⛽$38.10 +0.93% 
*Gas  $1.90 -0.37% 
*Gold 👑  $1,229.90 +0.50%
*Silver 💍 $15.12 +0.47% 
*Corn 🌽 $3.60 +0.70%
*Cocoa 🍩 $2912.00  +0.59%

¶ Vodafone Ghana has voluntarily decided to hand over close to 18 of its prime assets to the Government and people of Ghana. Steps are currently underway to formally transfer the assets, among which is the Ghana Telecom University, to the government. Vodafone acquired a 70% stake in Ghana Telecom in 2008 for an amount of US$900million.

Get access to internationally recognized magazines like the Wall Street📱 Journal, The New York Times📔, The Economist📓, Bloomsberg📆, Forbes💴 and many others....

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Don't just make money online, build a buisness!

All over the world, people with internet access are hoping and trying to make money online.

Everyday, on Facebook, hundreds of thousands of people are actively looking into new and old ways to make money from the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the things they will try will not work.

African business man

Making money online: why it doesn't work

To be clear I am not saying people cannot make money online. On the contrary I’ve been making money online for more than ten years and I have followed the journeys of several other people who have made even more money than me. It’s not only possible to make money online it’s being done every day.

However many people get the wrong idea when it comes to using the internet to make money. I’m basing my observations primarily of what I see on Facebook in groups dedicated to people looking to make money online.

Make money online with Facebook groups

The first thing I see is that most people do not want to invest their time to make money. You would think that they wouldn’t want to invest money; actually it’s easier to convince them to invest a little money than it is to convince them to invest a little time and effort.

If you post an ad telling people they will make money without doing anything and all they have to do is pay a little money you will get lots of response and a lot of people wanting to join in. If you post a similar ad telling people there is no money to invest but it requires a lot of time and effort you most likely will not find anybody interested.

Now imagine what happens when you tell them that they not only need to invest some money but they also have to invest a lot of time and effort. Then you understand why most people fail to make money online.

At the end of the day, most people do not make money online because they are trying things that don’t work. And when presented with legitimate opportunities that actually work they refuse to try them. Or worse, they try them and then give up without going even half way through so they never see any results. And then you hear stories about how they lost money online.

How to identify work from home opportunies that work

First, let’s start with the ones that don’t work. How can you tell when someone invites you to join their team or their business that it will not work? The best way to tell is based on experience. Have you tried something similar in the past? Did it work? If it didn’t then you know this one will not work either. You can also ask your friends and contacts or better yet, Google it and go through as many reviews as you can. Find unbiased reviews on reputable sites, case studies are even better. If most reviews are negative then stay away from it. Another hint that something doesn't work is when group admins are telling people not to post them. If you see several groups in which these offers are not allowed, you know that there's something wrong with these offers.

I have a simple personal rule. If I cannot understand how money is being made in a business, I do not join it. If you ask someone to explain a business to you and you cannot even after a lengthy explanation understand how it works, then you probably should not join.

I also do not take part in businesses where the people who are being recruited are not told the whole truth about the business model.

I remember being invited to a network marketing business several years ago. I went to meetings and found them inspiring. I also purchased the products they were selling and most of them were very good. But when I looked at the business I could tell that the top earners were not making most of their money from the actual business model, the numbers did not add up. In fact they made the bulk of their money from convincing others to join in their network and from having these people paying for a bunch of other products and services that are not part of the business they are promoting.

Basically they were not teaching the people they were recruiting the real ways they were making money. So I didn’t join that business. And surely enough a few years later, the people trying to recruit me had left and they never made any profit and the top earners were exposed for their tactics. Sure I could see the potential for making some money in that business but the people being recruited into the business were not told the whole truth so I could not be part of that.

This applies to practically any business where the main focus is to recruit people. If you only make money when you recruit people then ask yourself this, what value does that business bring? What does it produce? Where is the money that is promised to the new people joining in coming from?

Being independent vs. working for someone else

What surprised me is that most people who want to work from home don’t actually want to be their own boss. They do not want any of the cost, responsibility or risk associated with being a business owner. What they actually want is for someone to outsource work to them. And there is nothing wrong with that. However this does mean that these people do not have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are just looking for people to assign them tasks to complete and they are contempt to get some money for these tasks.

Then you have another group of people who want to work from home and have their own business. They want to create, innovate, bring value, solve problems. They don’t just want to have a salary they want to be rewarded for their contribution to the economy and to the world! They are innovators. These people are independent, they don’t just look for employers they search for partners and investors, they search for customers and clients. They want to build and grow their businesses.

Don't just make a few dollars online build a business

I once wrote about the easiest money I have ever made online. I’ve done surveys, referrals and the like. It's fun and gratifying to get money for very little effort. But how much money did I make? Certainly not a full time income. While I do enjoy the fact I can sometimes make money without investing any money, I do understand that any real business requires some form of investment in order to grow.

I think it’s better to build a business than to just make a little money here and there. It’s better to have a plan that you follow that takes you through the process of building an online business that you can grow to the point of making a full time income. And when you reach that point you can continue to grow your business and maybe even sell it for a large amount of money.

Marguerite Jasmin (mj) is a blogger and online entrepreneur author of the Money Making Tips blog. If you want to talk about how you can make money online, get in touch with me on Facebook.


Before we dive in to talk about our main topic, let’s look at a problem statement in advertising; I believe you agree with me that every day of our routine we are bombarded with different advertising messages, whether it is on radio while we’re driving to work, on television during our favorite programs, or in magazines and newspapers. We’re handed flyers while walking down the streets and given tastes of products while walking the aisles of the grocery store. Advertising has entered every area of our lives, and many of us choose to ignore it on many occasions. This might cause you to ask, can advertising and promotional efforts still be effective if we are so saturated with information?
The answer is YES, advertising and promotions can be effective if used properly for targeting the right consumer. One of the main rules in advertising has always been to keep your message simple and consistent, and repeat it often. It has been shown that people remember advertising if they see it with great frequency, which explains why while watching two hours of television you may see the same advertisement two or even three times. That way the message will stand out in your mind.
One of the most important aspect of advertising and promoting a product or service is consistency. Companies ensure the consistency of their message by coordinating all of their promotional activities. This coordination of activities into a system or strategic plan is referred to as integrated marketing communications (IMC). IMC creates a unified message and enhances the effectiveness of reaching the target consumer. Firms will create one message that will be used consistently throughout a marketing campaign. It is important that the promotional strategy also be in alignment with the organizational goals.
There are three major aspects of an IMC plan: research, creative aspects, and the implementation. Research and analysis are used to find the best way to design the product or service, the most effective message and media to use, and the best means to distribute the product or service at the optimal price. The creative aspect is the actual advertising, copywriting, and designing of promotional materials. Implementation is the act of putting the plan together, creating a strategy and seeing it through.
Planning an integrated marketing communications plan also means finding your target market; determining what is unique about the product offering or service you are providing; constructing a positioning strategy for your product or service (building a mental niche in relation to competitor products or services); deciding what the best message would be for your product; and choosing the optimal marketing mix in relation to your allowed marketing budget.
As an example of IMC, suppose Adidas comes up with a promotional “Rock the earth” campaign targeting the youth athletes for its new line of youth athletic shoes. Marketers will do their research to find what media youth athletes use, what time they watch television, what programs they watch, social media platforms they visit, and what types of advertising messages they respond to. Then Adidas will create the promotional materials and ads. They learn what’s important about the athletic shoes the youth wear. Adidas may have TV and magazine ads featuring youth athletes doing extraordinary things. They may also sponsor a youth sporting event like inter-schools competitions or hold a contest for a fan to get one of the shoes for free and for a friend. The message would be clear and consistent: Adidas cares about youth athletes and supports youth athletics.
Ideally, an effective IMC campaign will differentiate the product or service from a competitor’s; generate a flow of leads (which are the predecessors to sales); be consistent with and support the overall branding strategy; cause the company to have a more prominent place in the market; communicate the company’s experience and knowledge; and help to retain existing customers.
Thanks for your time and don’t forget to drop your comments.

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